Rae Woodford started the business over a decade ago out of her home in Abington. Rae has a background as a Nursing Home billing clerk. It is there that she learned to help resident’s and their families find solutions for funding nursing home care. Since starting her business, many elder law attorneys, and Nursing homes have become dependent on the expertise Rae has in establishing Medicaid eligibility for her clients. The business to this day is still operated out of her home.


Bryan Woodford joined the family business immediately after graduating from Suffolk University Undergraduate School in 2004. From 2006 to 2008 Bryan took a leave of absence from the family business and took a position as a Medicaid Specialist in a larger Law Firm in the South Shore. It was here Bryan gained a larger client base and many invaluable business experiences in the elder care industry. Bryan is the member of Woodford Medicaid Consultants Licensed to sell the insurance products needed by many of our clients to qualify for Medicaid.


Edward Devin joined Woodford Medicaid in April 2009. Since Eddie has helped Woodford Medicaid service over 1000 MassHealth applications. Edward Graduated from Abington High School in 2001 and UMass Dartmouth in 2005 with a degree in Psychology. Edward Devin had previously worked professionally as a Private Investigator so he has a keen attention for the details.


Michaila LeSage has been employed at Woodford Medicaid Consultants since January 2014. In May of 2015 she earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Bridgewater State University, concentration on Political Science.  She is currently in Law School studying at the Massachusetts School of Law at night